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D.C. Cherry Blossom Engagement Session | Eileen and Lucas

Eileen and Lucas braved a cold morning (well, "Floridian-cold") for a quintessential D.C. Cherry Blossom engagement session at the Tidal Basin!

This couple drove over twelve hours (!!!) just to take their engagement photos during the Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom. And I have to say - I think it was completely worth it!

This was a very special session for me, as I met Eileen at the same leadership camp where I met my husband. (any other RYLArians out there?) Eileen and I have known each other for almost ten years now, and she is that friend who is cheering you on always through all of your ups and downs in life. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting her fiancé, Lucas, who I just immediately liked by the way he looked at Eileen so adoringly. One memory I'd love to share - during our consultation call, Lucas actually inquired about adding on film to their wedding photography package. I LOVE when both partners are interested and ask questions during this process, and you have to love a man who appreciates film photography!

I'm so excited to photograph Eileen and Lucas's wedding at the Vaughn House in Virginia this fall. Get ready for some cottage and greenhouse beauty with fall colors - UGH! Can't wait! And we'll get to include their adorable Great Pyrenees-Bernese Mountain-mix, Pogi, and you can even follow him on Instagram here for a little taste!


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