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Featured select projects

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards District 6970

Role: Public Image Chair

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a four-day camp for aspiring high-school servant leaders, sponsored by Rotary International. This camp provides professional workshops, hands-on volunteer experience, and personal growth to its participants. In my role as Public Image Chair, I maintained our daily presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the four-day conference. During the conference, I took multiple photos at each event and shared them through all of our social media accounts. Meanwhile, I also collected the best photos and some videos in order to create a compilation video to share with the students at the end of the conference! The compilation video is linked below.

Femmes of STEM Podcast

Role: Social Media Intern

The Femmes of STEM Podcast uncovers stories of women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in the past. In each episode, our host dives in to the historical anecdote of a bad-ass STEMinist. A current woman in the same field as our historical Femme will speak on the subject, too! In my role as Social Media Intern, I maintained our daily presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My responsibilities included creating unique graphics on Canva, posting at least once a day on all of our social media accounts, and maintaining an active presence by responding to users on social media. One of the posts I did often was “On This Day”. My research for these posts frustrated me, as there was not one single place where all of this information existed - there was no database on historical women in STEM and their accomplishments. So, we created one.

For months, we worked on an “On This Day” database, which inspired us to create a database on historical women in STEM with information on their birth, death, accomplishments, and more! We hoped that this could be used as an educational tool for students and others to learn more about the STEMinists of history. This project is currently on hiatus due to the health of the project founder.

University of Florida Student Government Cabinet

Role: Director of Women's Affairs

The Student Government Cabinet at the University of Florida serves the student body and aims to provide educational programming and outreach to its students. In the role of Director of Women’s Affairs, I was tasked with providing programming that not only supported and empowered all individuals who identify as women on our campus, but also provide education on issues relating to women to all other students.Typical events hosted by the Cabinet pertain to such as topics of mental health, career success and equity. I strove to make these events more hands-on and inclusive.

In my time as Director, I planned 1-2 programs each semester and attended all other events planned by other Cabinet Directors. I was inspired by The Clothesline Project at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, so I decided to bring it to our school. During the busiest hours of the school day, I set up tables and t-shirts outside one of our libraries to start this project. I asked counselors from the Counseling & Wellness Center to be close by in case any students were triggered and needed support. The event was a huge hit! We had over 200 students stop by and show their support by designing a t-shirt to support their peers who were survivors of sexual assault. Later that night, I helped to host a self-defense class taught by the University Police Department. Over fifteen women showed up and learned how to best defend themselves in the event of an emergency.

The following semester, I wanted to help women feel empowered in the workplace, as I was applying to post-graduation jobs at the moment and found it frustrating and saddening. I invited a wonderful speaker from the UF Career Connections Center, Jillian Dinus, who came to talk to over thirty students about how to thrive in the workplace. After the workshop, attendees were invited to create their own DIY Inspiration Boards with cork boards, postcards, and craft paper as their supplies!

The Big Event at the University of Florida

Role: Vice Chair of Marketing

The Big Event at the University of Florida was modeled after its counterpart at Texas A&M University. The Big Event strives to connect college students with their surrounding neighborhoods and community. It does so by creating an annual day of service in which students can help beautify their town through painting, weeding, gardening, etc. In my role as Vice Chair of External Relations, I maintained our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In its Inaugural year at the University of Florida, I served as an Assistant Director of Graphic Design for the team. In that role, I created graphics to share on our social media accounts daily. I also took pictures and helped with the recruiting aspect of tabling at our school.